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Firm Overview

Yacktman Asset Management is a boutique investment advisory firm located in Austin, Texas. Since 1992, the firm has navigated multiple market cycles while adhering to a disciplined investment approach led by Stephen Yacktman, Chief Investment Officer. The firm strives to achieve solid risk-adjusted returns over time. We manage multiple investment strategies including:

  • AMG Yacktman Fund
  • AMG Yacktman Focused Fund
  • AMG Yacktman Special Opportunities Fund
  • Heptagon Yacktman US Equity Fund (UCITS fund)
  • Institutional and privately managed separate accounts

Yacktman Asset Management was founded in 1992 by Donald Yacktman. Stephen Yacktman joined the firm in 1993. In 1998 and 2001, Stephen recruited portfolio managers Russell Wilkins and Jason Subotky, to the firm. This group has worked together researching, managing portfolios and making all major investment decisions together for more than a decade. Portfolio manager Adam Sues joined the investment team in 2013. Yacktman Asset Management maintains a long term horizon and uses an investment philosophy focused on valuation, bottom up stock selection, and protecting and growing capital.

"We think our investment approach works over a full market cycle, and fits well for long-term investors who do not focus much on the short-term comparisons to a benchmark. We think risk management is important and that investors should focus on how a firm manages risk over time. Ultimately, how investment results are achieved is almost as important as what results are produced over time."
                                                                (May 12, 2014) Stephen Yacktman The Wall Street Transcript